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• 2/27/2016

Which EMD/GE Diesel Locomotives use "Salem Air Filters"?

I recently noticed several Internet forum posts about "Salem Air Filters" scale parts available for sale on HO and O Scale models.  "Salem Air Filters" seem to mounted between the Fuel Tank and the Trucks towards the Locomotive Cab on EMD SD-70 Diesels.

However, I searched Google and other Search Engines and see Salem Air Filters scale parts for sale , but cannot find any detailed pics or reference to "Salem Air Filters" or which EMD or GE OEM manufacturer/model diesel locomotives use these filters.

Internet websites and listings about "Salem Air Filters" use to be available through Google Search, but now get "buried" within Google & cannot be found.  To improve a product's placement or rank in Google Search, it seems Google now requires the website owner to pay Google money to improve their website's listing or placement on Google Search!  This Google "Pay for Search Placement" policy makes finding obscure info such as "Salem Air Filters" very difficult.

Could someone please fill me in about "Salem Air Filters" purpose and which manufacturer/model diesel locomotives use them?  Where can I find more info/pics about "Salem Air Filters" that Goggle Search will not provide?

Thanks, Steve

Cincinnati, OH

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• 2/29/2016

Hi, Steve. I appreciate the question in which you have asked, and I think I may have found an answer: (Scroll down towards the bottom until you see the photos).

It seems as if most EMD's (notably those built before 2004) had Salem Air Filters to help filter the air circulated or pumped throughout the pipes and cylinders. From what I can tell, Graham White (the guys responsible for the far too common e-bell) is the primary manufacturer for said air filters.

• 2/29/2016

So far that's all I've found for EMD, unfortunately I don't have anything for GE.

Hope what I found helps!

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