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  • While you were away, and I understand being busy, lots of my friends seem to be busy! But anyway, I wanted more images of Wishbone Gates, 4-Quad Gates, and Gate Arm Lights, and not just from the U.S. but anywhere those such things are used! So I went and searched Google for such things, found some and with permission used their photos! Unfortunately there were some photos I couldn't use because some photos hosted didn't belong to the site hosts although they probably have permission to use them from the owner(s), whom I dont know how to get to. But I found some neat vintage photos of black and white Manuel gates, some in 4-Quad form!

    Something else I did, though it wasn't as good, I went on Street View to find some crossings I could add to my pages. And believe me finding crossings wasn't that easy to do, either because the street view wasn't available, the crossing was grade separated, or not how I needed it to be. And there were so many places to look for certain crossings!

    But I got some images from the U.K, Poland, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Argentina, and Brazil. Brazil, Poland, and the U.K. have various crossing gates, some wishbone, some not, and I wanted to include as many types as I could! Haven't gotten any from Australia yet!

    Brazil still uses black and white gates! I mean they have red and white gates too but they have black and white gates, some with thin yellow stripes on the black stripes! Some of Brazil's gates are wishbone and some are not. Some have lights and some don't. But it's very hard to find crossings in Brazil, especially signalized and gated crossings but better than Mexico! There are even some black and white gates with 12"x24" lights and some with Western Cullen Hayes electronic bells and General Electric/ Harmon electronic bells! GE/Harmon E-bells look like the W.C.H. e-bells but only have two of the parts that bend obtusely whereas the W.C.H. bells have four!

    I also added those images because I didn't have any of my own, for most of them, and who else was going to do it and how else could I?

    But there are now more pictures of wishbone gates, 4-quad gates, and Gate light pictures on those pages. They're not all the best but they're the best I can do! Hopefully more people will come and add photos, there are some for photos we could use, like black and yellow wishbone gates!  Some I'm still working on but my computer is broken right now, so I cannot add anymore pictures, at least not the way I'd like to. And I don't know when I'm getting a new computer, could be months!

    Irrelevant message but something I thought I'd share.

    Wishbone Crossing Gate 352 Av. Santa Marina São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil 4

    Black and white wishbone gate with 4" lights in Brazil

    Wishbone Gates on R. Jose Bonifacio, Cacapava, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1

    Weird black and white wishbone gate in Brazil! No signal lights.

    Polish Crossing Gate Arm Light 1 on DW853, Samsonowka, Poland

    One type of gate used in Poland with gate lights!

    Polish 4-Quadrant Gate Crossing with Wishbone Gates on 113DW866 in Lubakzow, Poland 2

    Polish 4-quad gate crossing with wishbone gates

    Wishbone Gate on Baseline Road in Colombo Sri Lanka

    Wishbone gate in Sri Lanka.

    French 4-Quadrant Gate Crossing on Avenue Aristide Briand, Merignac, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France

    4-quad gate crossing in France.

    Swiss 4-Quadrant Gate Crossing in Courtetelle, Switzerland

    Swiss 4-quad gate crossing.

    Wishbone Gate on School Lane in Petersfield, United Kingdom

    Wishbone gate in the U.K., as you probably guessed!

    Wishbone Gate in Hlizov, Czechia

    Wishbone gate in Poland

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  • Hello. I have been permanetly blocked on Locomotive Wiki so I have officialy left and started here. I would like to be a moderator or admin here too.

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    • I know this is an old message but I'm so sorry to hear that! You're not alone, HenryDuckFan and I were banned from there too! I got banned by AltoonaRailfan because he falsely accused me of encouraging a confrontation! And when I tried to explain it to him and apologized, he rejected my message and apology and considered it SPAM. That wasn't fair but he obviously didn't want me around anymore and if that's what he wants, so be it! I never want to visit that Fandom ever again and I DON'T recommend anyone else go there either, or at least edit there.

      Then again, maybe AltoonaRailfan has changed and it's wrong not to forgive. But I'd still rather not go back there!

      I wish I could make you an admin, you'd be better at it than me but alas I just don't have that kind of authority.

      Maybe you'll get it someday!

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    • Hello. I apologize for being inactive for the past several months. I've been busy with work, school, moving, and a bunch of other important non-wiki related stuff.

      FiveGuy99, unfortunately, I don't know you, so I can't make you an admin. The feud I had between the Locomotive Wiki admins is long over; that was 6 years ago. If they still have a grudge against me, that's their problem. I'm over it. You are more than welcome to edit on here as you wish, just adhere to the wiki manual of style and our rules.

      Will, I wouldn't recommend starting anything with AltoonaRailfan. He isn't quite mature on handling serious issues, and I would just forget about Locomotive Wiki entirely. 

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    • Don't worry, I have zero interest and intent on going back there or dealing with you know who! Besides I like this wikia better!

      Welcome back by the way!

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  • Some guy just left a message on my wall. It is rude. Thread .

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  • How do you add badges? (This is really important.)

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  • Dear Corbin,

    I'm sorry to say this but due to some problems I got into on another wikia last night and due to the way my behavior has been of late, and for moral and spiritual purposes, I am quitting as a Wikia, and not just on this wikia but ALL wikias.

    This time I hereby relinquish my mod rights.

    See my newest blog post for more information.

    Good bye.

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  • This is a crossing signal I created several days ago

    Railroad Crossing Signal with 12x20 clear L.E.D.s 5 with green light gif 1

    Railroad crossing signal that lights up green and both lights flash red

    Do you remember those old toy railroad crossing signals with the red and green lights? Okay that doesn't pertain much to this although they were signals with one red light and one green light. But they're signals that couldn't be used on real crossings.

    My signal, though, has a bit of a twist to it. One of the light housings has a green light that's lit up all the time when there is no train coming. But both light housings flash red lights! How is that possible?

    The light that lights in green unless a train is coming has bi-colored L.E.D.s and covered by clear lenses instead of pre-colored lenses, which wouldn't work for a signal like this or else the light behind the lens will be lit in a funny color unfit for crossings.

    How this works is the green light stays on when there is no train coming and is a solid green. But when a train is about to come, the red light on the other light housing will flash a few times but the green light will stay on. The reason the green light stays on even while the red light is on is to serve the same purpose as a solid yellow traffic signal, to slow to a stop or "caution." Then a few seconds after the red light starts to flash, the green light will give way to the second red light and this signal will function just like real crossing signals, double-red alternating flashing lights. Then when the train has cleared the crossing and no other train is approaching, the double flashing red lights will turn back into a single solid green.

    Bells, if present, would ring once the red light started flashing even with the green light still on but will shut off once the red lights cease.

    Gates can definitely be used with this signal. If there are gates, they will go down after both red lights start flashing (although should they start going down once both red lights start flashing?) And they will remain down until the train clears the crossing and no second train is on the way and then raise back up while the red lights are still flashing and once the gate is back in its home position, the double-red will turn back to single green.

    I'm still debating what to do about the crossing gate light function when this signal activates. Do I turn the gate lights on while the green light is still on or when the green light turns off? And should the gate lights be solid, flashing, or solid then flashing? What I mean by "solid then flashing" is when the red signal light starts to flash as the green light stays on, the crossing gate lights all light up solid, but when the green light gives way to double-flashing red, the gate lights (except for the light at the tip of the gate) flash alternately along with the signal lights before the gate goes down.

    I was thinking the crossing gate lights function as they really do (solid tip light, flashing two other lights) even when the green light is still on.

    If gates and bells are at a crossing together, the following functions can happen:

    - Bell rings when red light starts to flash and then goes silent once the gate is down and stays silent for the rest of the session

    -Bell rings when red light starts to flash until the gate is down, but then rings again when the gate goes back up until the gate is up and green light comes back on.

    - Bell rings when red light starts flashing until before the gate goes back up

    -Bell rings from the time the red light starts flashing to the gate is back up and the green light turns on.

    Obviously gate-less versions of this signal are less complicated.

    And these can come in the form of over-head cantilever signals. But I found a way for a red light-green light signal to work effectively at a railroad crossing and make it so that not just one light flashes but two red lights flash.

    This signal is not real and isn't meant to replace the existing signals.

    I have another one like this, except this one has a mechanical bell and you can see the green light change right to a red light instead of being blank between the appearance of green light and red light.

    Railroad Crossing Signal with 12x20 clear L.E.D.s 5 with green light 2

    On this signal, you can see the green light change right to a red light!

    I have other red light green light signals but they're not as interesting or, whatever word I'm looking for, as these two signals.

    Rail Crossing Signal, Green, Green Red, Red Sequence gif

    One method of how a red light-green light signal can work.

    With this one, there are no flashing lights, only solid lights, but I shouldn't have to explain how this signal works and what should be done when this signal acts the way it does. Basically just proceed when only the green light is on, slow to a stop when both the red and green light are on, absolute stop when red light is on and green light is off.

    This one is a little more like the two top signals in this message.

    Rail Crossing Signal, Green, and Flashing Single Red Sequence(Incandescent) gif

    This signal is kind of like all the above signals. It has one red light and one all green light that is solid. On this signal the red light turns on while the green light stays on but the red light flashes. After a few flashes of the red light the green light will time out and the red light will flash meaning of course"absolute stop." This only has one red light.

    The last two signals I showed you are lit with incandescent lights. The following is an L.E.D. version of one of the last two signals

    Rail Crossing Signal with 12x20 L.E.D. Red and Green Lights gif 2

    And the L.E.D.s have pre-colored lenses. But in order for both lights to be red, and one of them to be red and green, the lens has to be clear and the L.E.D.s have to be able to light up in more than one color. Hate to imagine what would happen if L.E.D.s lit in green behind a red lens or lit in red behind a green lens.

    One more thing, the light that's always red doesn't exactly need a clear lens, it can just have a red lens, but it would make the signal look kind of silly if it had one red lens and one clear lens.

    Any questions or comments (concerns even) on the red light-green light crossing signal(s)?

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  • Hello,

    We have not met before, but my name is Jay, an administrator over at the Famous in Love Wikia. I'm here to ask if I can adopt the Siren Wiki ( and gain bureaucratic and administrative rights there. It's a wikia I know you've abandoned and haven't updated for about three years now, but I would actually like to take it over. As I hope you know, "Siren" is the name of an upcoming TV show that would be part of the Freeform TV channel/network, and I really want to update the wikia to make it an official member of the ABC Family/Freeform wikia community, which includes Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, Beyond, etc.

    I hope you read this message ASAP and go back to the Siren Wiki to appoint me as the new head. Please do not hesitate - I am extremely qualified to run the wikia, as I have the experience, knowledge, and determination. A previous person, MammatuatusFiend or something like that, was never appointed a bureaucrat or did any edits on the Wiki.

    I hope I don't bother you with this message, as I find contacting you and you going back to the Siren Wiki and upgrading me as a bureaucrat/admin on much easier than the long pain of the Wikia Adoption Request and Process.

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    • Thank you Henry! Siren is redesigned and prepared for our upcoming TV Series!

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    • Awesome! =D

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  • Hi, I'm writing to request being demoted from being moderator on this wikia. I'm probably going to regret asking this but I ask this because I don't spend that much time on this Wikia (and am kind of glad I don't, not because I don't like it here but because I can get addicted to the internet if you know what I mean, I'm addicted to Deviant Art for goodness sake!) 

    But anyway, I'm not very dedicated or devoted to this site and I would be considered disqualified to be an moderator on this site. I'm also not that good asserting authority, I'm too nice and too soft.

    You don't know this but another Wikia I also go to, The Loud House Wikia, takes these kinds of things seriously (I tried to find an example but they're too hard to find, I guess they haven't had this problem in a while) and when a member, supposing to be a moderator is inactive, other members propose demotion of the moderators and give reasons why, namely their inactivity.

    So unless you insist I stay a chat mod/ discussions mod, I think I should be removed from this position and this position should be given to someone more qualified (but hopefully someone you can trust and someone almost as nice as to nicer than me, but firm none-the-less.)

    I'll still contribute from time to time but my services are poor on this wikia.

    Thanks for understanding

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    • UPDATE: This is one example (I don't mean to embarrass anyone with this but this is what I mean)

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    • I honestly don't edit on here too much anyway, for I am a part-time student and work third-shift at a delivery company. Whenever I get the chance, I will edit and/or respond to messages, but at the moment, since I am on vacation, I happened to stumble upon your message and understand it to an extent. However, I honestly don't mind if you are an inactive moderator, since this wiki (as well as my other wikis) is practically dead for the majority of the time. 

      I will still have you as a moderator, but if you wish to receive a demotion, I will fully accept your request. 

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    • Thanks for your answer. Maybe I better just stay as a mod because I do come a little often and if I can and know how I'll get rid of whatever shouldn't be on this wikia (conversation wise)

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    • And if anyone continues to harass, vandalize, or spam, I'll just block them. 

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  • I just found out that General Electric/Harmon makes electronic railroad crossing bells, and get this: They are almost similar to the Western Cullen Hayes electronic bells!  At least that's what is said on this link

    This is a close-up photo

    I guess W.C.H. isn't the only railroad manufacturing company that makes those hour-glass electronic bells! I wonder if the Harmon bells sound any similar.

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  • Union Pacific and CSX locomotive November 18, 2016 1

    Union Pacific locomotive 4961 and CSX 215

    Hi, I know you're busy but I have some locomotive pictures from my railfan trips on November 18 and December 2 I'd like to show you and hope you can help me with.

    I know I showed some of these before.

    Union Pacific and CSX locomotive November 18, 2016 2

    Union Pacific loco 4961 with CSX 215

    Union Pacific and CSX locomotive November 18, 2016 3

    CSX locomotive on a Union Pacific train and Union Pacific tracks!

    The next four pictures are from a diferent train that came later that day.

    7th Avenue 11-18-2016 19
    7th Avenue 11-18-2016 20

    These are the locomotives at the head of the train. The following two are of the end locomotive.

    7th Avenue 11-18-2016 30

    End locomotive. Number 6276

    7th Avenue 11-18-2016 31

    Locomotive 6276 at the end of the train.

    Another train and at a different crossing. This is the only picture I have of this train.

    6th Street 9th Ave 11-18-2016 07

    Union Pacific 4849

    The following is the last train I got that day.

    6th Street 9th Ave 11-18-2016 09
    6th Street 9th Ave 11-18-2016 10

    The following were taken December 2, two weeks after the preceding were taken.

    6th Street 9th Ave 12-02-2016 04
    6th Street 9th Ave 12-02-2016 04 (Zoomed in omitted picture)

    I thought this was locomotive 4444 but now I'm not so sure. The second picture of this locomotive is a more zoomed in photo compared to the one before it, the second picture focuses more on the train itself.

    6th Street 9th Ave 12-02-2016 05

    Union Pacific Locomotive 4628

    Same train.

    The following pictures show another train that came right after the ones pictured above ended so the next train is a second train! The gates didn't go back up after the first train passed because this one was on the way!

    6th Street 9th Ave 12-02-2016 11

    Union Pacific Locomotive 7976

    Locomotive 7976 but I cannot tell if this is an AC4400CW, C40-8, or ES44AC

    6th Street 9th Ave 12-02-2016 12

    Locomotive 7976 with 5478

    But I didn't just post these to show these off, but I was wondering if you knew which of these were which. I know, or at least I think some of these are SD90/43mac locomotives but the rest I cannot tell and I don't want to post these on the wrong pages. You know locomotives better than I do so I was wondering if you had any suggestions.

    I have more locomotive pictures from December 2 but I won't post them until a later day.

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