The Model 10 railroad crossing signal is a type of grade crossing (or level crossing) signal used to warn and alert automobile traffic (and in most cases, pedestrians) of an approaching train.
Model 10 Crossing Signal

A typical, modern Model 10 railroad crossing signal as seen on the Union Pacific's Sunset Route (or "Southern Transcon") line in El Paso, TX.

It usually consists of 4-way (and sometimes vary from 2-way or 8-way configurations, depending on the nearby roadway setups) light configurations which alternate or flash red LED or incandescent lights (which usually vary in size; mostly found in 12 in., but still commonly found in 8 X 12 fashion). A striped white and red crossing gate is mounted to prevent from automobile traffic from driving around or through the crossing into the danger of an oncoming train; essentially acting as a barrier.

A similar, yet gateless crossing signal also exists and is known as the A-479.

Brands And CompaniesEdit

Active: Edit

GS (General Signals)

WCH (Western Cullen Hayes; part of Federal Signal)

FS (Federal Signal)

ASC (American Signal Company)

A gif diagram of a lamp wiring scheme in operation. (Click to enlarge view).


MI (Modern Industries)

Defunct: Edit

Wabco (Westinghouse Air Brake Company)

WRRS (Western Railroad Supply)


US&S (Union Switch And Signal Co.)


GRS (General Railway Signal)